Miscellaneous Awards

True Ranches Receives Landowner of the Year - 2017


Out Standing Landowner - 1993 - Wyoming Game and Fish

True Ranches LLC was recognized for the outstanding management on the VR Ranch at a Wyoming Game and Fish Commission meeting in Casper on January 18, 1994. This award was presented to True Ranches LLC for their outstanding stewardship of resources on the VR Ranch. The work done on this ranch not only benefits our primary business which is to produce a quality beef product, but also benefits the wildlife that share the land with our cattle. Water management has enabled them to be able to graze the VR's pastures more uniformly. As a result, forage production improves and increases. This has provided better habitat for many kinds of nesting birds, as well as deer and antelope.

True Ranches LLC works closely every year with the Game and Fish during hunting season. Any land has its limit of animals it can sustain, and hunting helps to keep this balance. Even though it is not always a popular method, controlling and limiting access to the VR helps the ranch foreman and the Game and Fish to control the harvest and keep this balance. If you have ever hunted on the VR, you have probably witnessed first hand the cooperation between our Ranch and the Game and Fish.

Outstanding Agriculturalist - 2005 - University of Wyoming

Residents of Wyoming who have rendered signal service to the cause of agriculture for at least five years within the State of Wyoming are eligible for special recognition.


Ag Business of the Year - 2011

True Ranches was honored as the 2011 Platte County Ag Business of the Year. The ag operation was presented the award during the 12th Annual Ag-Appreciation Banquet.

Hugh Peltz, right, accepts the Ag Business of the Year award on behalf of True Ranches from Morgan Jammerman during the 12th Annual Ag-Banquet of the Year. (Photo/Amber Ningen)


Albany County Farm Bureau Top Hand Award - 2012

Starting in the mid-1950’s the Albany County Farm Bureau, came up with the idea of recognizing exceptional hired ranch employees in the area. “A ranch hand, is many times the unsung hero of a ranch,” according to the Albany County Farm Bureau. “The award goes only to a person whom people feel stand out and should be recognized. The person must be nominated to get this award. They are the Best of the Best.” Our own True Ranches, Double Four foreman, Scott Dunlap received multiple nominations this year.

“He is “Code of the West” and we are proud to call him friend and neighbor”.

“Scott is one of the most capable cowboys I have had the pleasure of working with, but he has no problem with getting off his horse and getting in the grease or mud or snow or swinging a rake to get control of a wildfire. And, he is never too busy to help out a neighbor who is in a bind.”

“You would be hard pressed to find a better hand” “He comes the old school of cowboying that requires getting the job done on anything you are riding.”

Albany County Top Hand Award - 2014

June 23, 2014 Laramie, Wyoming

It is a great privilege to join in presenting Mr. Terry Vallier with the Albany County Top Hand Award.

As the Foreman of True Ranches, Rock River Division, Terry has distinguished himself as an excellent cowboy, horseman and all-around stockman. Whether the job at hand is irrigation, equipment operation or mechanics, forage production or livestock management, Terry takes a thoughtful and measured approach which unfailingly leads to the best possible outcome.

Additionally, and even more importantly, he has is in his own quiet and steadfast way, set a high standard for us all to strive for. He is a man who stands tall ethically and is a Role Model of Excellent Leadership.

His cheerful, positive attitude and “Can-Do” Spirit are contagious and an encouragement to all. This is true not just to the team which he effectively leads; Terry serves as a cornerstone which strengthens the entire corporate structure of the organization. He is a valued and respected employee, peer, professional colleague and friend.

On behalf of the True Family and the entire True Ranches organization, I join you in thanking Terry and his family for the contribution he makes, unselfishly gives, and exemplifies to the ranching industry.

Yours Sincerely,

Bill Bunce Superintendent of Operations

The Golden Spur - 2015

The National Golden Spur Award is the most prestigious honor given by the ranching and livestock industries in recognition of accomplishments by an individual.

Established in 1978, the award has been conferred upon iconic industry leaders whose unparalleled devotion to land and livestock has earned them notable respect and admiration from their peers. The award also emphasizes the humanistic and technological contributions of the ranching and livestock industries to society.