Job Opportunities

This position is responsible for the health and welfare of cattle associated with the feedlot, including recognizing potential illness and injury of cattle and doctoring or administering medications to treat such illness or injury. This position is also responsible for the maintenance of vehicles, machinery, equipment, and facilities, as well as other duties pertaining to feedlot operations. Minimum requirements include English language fluency, possession of a valid driver’s license appropriate for type of equipment to be operated, and prior experience working with cattle.

This position is a full-time ranch hand for the Unit 1 Double 4 Ranch located near Wheatland, Wyoming. This position is responsible for the care and welfare of a cattle and horse ranching operation, including calving, doctoring and feeding of livestock. This position is also responsible for other duties pertaining to cattle ranching operations. Position requires English language fluency, a valid Driver’s License, pre-employment drug screen and pre-employment background check.