True Ranches: Who We Are

The True Ranches LLC were established in 1957 with the purchase of the Double Four Ranch near Laramie Peak.  Since then, True Ranches LLC has expanded to  7 ranches, 2 farms, and 2 feedlots employing 87 people.  Angus, Black Baldy, Charolais, and Hereford cattle are raised by the ranches and finished at the Feedlots.                     

Wyoming Public Radio

True Ranches former Superintendent of operations, Bill Bunce, did an interview with Wyoming Public Radio and talked about how feedlots produce less cattle but produce more meat. 

Open Positions

Currently seeking a full-time Feedlot hand for Unit 8, in Wheatland, WY. This position is primarily a pen rider responsible for the health and welfare of livestock, recognizing potential illness and injury of cattle and doctoring or administering... more

This position is responsible for planting, irrigation, cultivating hay, corn, and other feed crops.  Operates and maintains vehicles, agricultural machinery and equipment. Repairs and maintains corral and pasture fences, pens, and other farm... more

This position is a full-time ranch hand for the Unit 1 Double 4 Ranch located near Wheatland, Wyoming. This position is responsible for the care and welfare of a cattle and horse ranching operation, including calving, doctoring and feeding of... more


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