True Ranches LLC has a long and rich history beginning with its purchase of the Double Four by Dave and Jean True on June 15, 1957. Starting out with 35 cows and 1 Bull that went by the name of Nugget, the Double Four remains a cow/calf operation nestled beneath the shadow of Laramie Peak just west of Wheatland Wyoming.

True Ranches continued to grow with the purchase of the Wheatland Farm and Feedlot in 1960 with the Rock River Ranch soon to follow in 1961. The ADA and LAK were then purchased in 1964, Chalk Bluffs and the VR purchased in 1983, the was HU in 1988 and the most recent addition is the Bixby Ranch which was purchased in 2019.

Angus, Black Baldy, Charolais and Hereford cattle are raised by the ranches and finished at the feedlots which are supported by farms. Since the purchase of the Double Four, True Ranches LLC has grown to 7 ranches, 2 farms, and 1 feedlot, employing approximately 90 people throughout our beloved Rocky Mountain West.

In addition to providing wholesome and safe beef products for people around the globe, we, at True Ranches, take our responsibilities of being stewards of natural resources most seriously. Being a multi-generational family organization, protecting and enhancing the land, water and air resources is an overarching mission. 

In an effort to provide our products more directly to the ultimate consumer, True Wyoming Beef began operations in December 1988 to market cured beef snacks and fresh packaged premium steaks and roasts, primarily though catalog sales. Although the products were met with great costumer satisfaction, the high overhead costs ultimately led to ceasing TWB operation in 1994.

True Ranches has come face to face with many challenges that Mother Nature has thrown in our direction, from severe drought to flash floods. A number of the ranches have suffered fires in the past, but the summer of 2012 brought fires of a whole different magnitude.

The Double Four was devastated by the Cow Camp and Arapaho Fires that summer. The Cow Camp Fire burned approximately 8,500 acres and the Arapaho Fire consumed over 98,000 acres, both of mountainous and prairie land.  These fires were devastating to the operations on the Double Four but as an organization we continue to prevail with the hard work and dedication of our people. With Mother Nature taking the lead, the Double Four country side has begun the recovery process. 

With cow/calf, feedlot and farm operations scattered throughout Eastern Wyoming, True Ranches LLC is proud to remain family owned and operated for almost 60 years.